Pedro Ximénez Señorío de Callao (50 cl.)

Pedro Ximénez wine is made from Pedro Ximénez grapes, which are withered in the sun to produce a must with an extraordinary concentration of sugars. Pedro Ximénez is probably the sweetest wine in the world. However, it is fresh and harmonious in the mouth as a result of its complex boquet and flavours

47.50 IVA incl.


Made from Pedro Ximénez grapes exposed to the sun for withering and aged in American oak casks for over twenty years.

It presents a dark mahogany colour, with a deep aroma of raisins, and is smooth and sweet on the palate, fully-bodied, vigorous and with perfect balance. Alcohol content: 15º.

It should be served at a temperature of approximately 13 °C, to pair with desserts and sweets that are not too sweet.

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