Oloroso Señorío de Callao (50 cl.)

This wine is made from Palomino grapes According to tasters, as it presents a special structure from the beginning, it should be used for oxidative aging. This is why alcohol is added up to 17°, thus preventing the veil of flor from appearing. These wines give a tasty and highly structured impression on the palate. Powerful, round and full-bodied.

43.00 IVA incl.


This wine was originally aged in the VIDES wineries that were operated as almacenistas, that is, a genuine traditional warehouse focused on maturation.

Made from Palomino grapes, Cayo must is fortified up to 17º of wine alcohol, and is aged oxidatively in American oak casks for over forty years. It has an amber-mahogany colour, and is full-bodied and aromatic, with hints of walnuts and orange peel; dry on the palate, with a very long finish.

Alcohol content: 20º. It should be served at approximately 14 °C and paired with game and red meats.

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