Fino Señorío de Callao

Fino is a dry white wine made from Palomino grapes This Fino is aged under the layer of yeasts that make up the veil of flor. It is the perfect aperitif, which prepares our palate in a perfect way to enjoy food. It intensifies the flavours of every dish.

21.00 IVA incl.


Made from Palomino Fino grapes, this wine has been aged in American oak casks for 9 years using both the criadera and solera methods. It has a golden yellow colour with coppery shades. Pungent and delicate on the nose with aromas of biological aging (under veil of flor yeasts). It is dry and tasty, and presents a good acidity, with volume and a rich aromatic palette. Very expressive and balanced. It gives hints of dried fruit and a long finish with saline notes of its biological aging. Elegant bitterness. Acetic and medicinal background. Notes of Spanish pumpkin jam. Alcohol content: 15º It should be served at a temperature of approximately 7 ºC, to pair with appetizers, soups, shellfish, white fish and very soft cheeses.

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