Amontillado Señorío de Callao (50 cl.)

Amontillado is a very unique wine, as it aged under the veil of flor, typical of Fino and Manzanilla, with a subsequent period over which the veil disappears, thus exposing the wine to oxidation. Thanks to this combination of different types of aging, Amontillados, which are made from Palomino grapes, are extraordinarily complex and interesting wines.

37.50 IVA incl.


This wine was originally aged in the VIDES wineries that were operated as almacenistas, that is, a genuine traditional warehouse focused on maturation.

flor, that gives it a slightly sharp aroma with hints of yeast and fruit, and during a second oxidative phase where it acquires new organoleptic characteristics.

This Amontillado is a benchmark of good winemaking. An extremely fine wine. The pure expression of biological aging combined with the complexity of oxidative aging. This limited-edition Amontillado has an amber colour and a complex and sharp aroma, and is dry, mineral and saline on the palate, with hints of dried fruit and a long and persistent finish.

Best served at a temperature of 13-14 °C.

This exquisitely complex wine can succeed in multiple fields, adding its personal touch to a wide range of dishes, such as smoked fish, cured cheeses, white meats, oily fish, spicy dishes. This wine is perfect to pair with certain vegetables such as asparagus and artichokes, giving us sublime moments.

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